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Why you need an estimator

Whether you take on residential, commercial or industrial projects, you’ll know that the secret to winning tenders is not about the lowest price. It’s about the most accurate one. That’s why it pays to have a professional estimator on your side. The right construction cost consultants must be accurate, experienced and trusted, with proven success in winning jobs for businesses just like yours. If you’re struggling to find a firm that ticks all these boxes, you haven’t worked with Accent Estimating.

For almost the last decade, Accent Estimating has been dedicated to providing accurate construction estimating services to businesses in the property, development and building industries. The biggest priority for our construction estimating consultants is to see you through to success. Whether that means winning tenders or getting respondents to your own tenders, our accurate estimations will help achieve your business’ top goals.

Secure jobs for your business with quality estimations

Almost every construction project needs to be started by an estimation that accurately reflects the expectations of each phase of the job. Without a high level of accuracy in your estimations, you could risk losing a job to a competitor. Worse still, a bad estimate can put a serious dent in your profit margin, potentially leading to project termination.

Avoid these outcomes with Accent Estimating. Our suite of commercial and residential construction estimating services is designed to secure jobs for your business. The building cost consultants on our team can assist you with:

  • Estimating a realistic budget for your project to establish what is feasible, including a material takeoff (MTO) and quantity takeoff (QTO)
  • Preparing compelling tenders that will set your business apart from competitors
  • Undertaking Section 94 estimates, progress claims and variation assessments, schedules of rates, bills of quantities, and more.

Your unique business needs are fully catered for

Not every project is the same – let alone every business that needs a building cost estimator. Every business’ costs will be different for each project they take on. It’s important your estimator carefully considers every aspect of your vision for the project in order to get the best understanding of the outcome.

Whether your project is small or large-scale, Accent Estimating will be able to cater to your unique estimating needs. We approach every project with the goal of understanding what you hope to achieve by the end of it, and everything we do from there is built to help you succeed in these areas.

For close to a decade, Accent Estimating has proudly supported a vast variety of businesses that require construction estimating services. This has included – but is not limited to – builders, sub-contractors, painters, architects, interior designers and leasing agents. We are well-equipped to handle your business’ needs and ultimately, we’ll see your project to success.

Have peace of mind with support from start to finish

The projects that maximise the profit margin and run most smoothly all have an independent estimator behind them. Why? Because the industry’s best estimators don’t just stop after the tender is won – they give you ongoing construction cost management support throughout the life of the project.

At Accent Estimating, our end-to-end estimation support is what sets us apart from other estimators. After your tender is won, we are committed to helping you stay on track with your budget, we oversee your expenses and we provide professional advice on appropriate cost control measures. As a neutral party in your project, you can trust us to remain upfront and realistic from start to finish.

Need help winning more tenders?

Accent Estimating wants to take on your project next. To obtain quick and accurate building cost estimations that will help win your business more jobs, simply get in touch with us below.

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