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Cabramatta Rd, Mosman NSW

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We were engaged by a specialist consultant who inspects buildings and identifies defects to be repaired. We were asked to inspect the site with the defects report and assess each item that is defective. We prepared a detailed report addressing each item and applying a cost to rectify this. In these type of projects the costing is prepared on a time basis as materials account for 10% of the job. It is essential to have a thorough understanding on the construction process and what trades are involved to isolate, remove and rectify the problem. We are often called on these type of jobs as we can offer an impartial, honest and accurate cost to rectify defects.

The project is a two story new dwelling in Mosman, there was a dispute in 2003 between the owner and builder which caused the builder to be kicked off site. The builder attempted to rectify what the owner saw as mistakes but the owner decided to remove him off site. 5 years later the building was left partially completed and not completely water tight. However the owners lived in it the whole time. I was called for an inspection early 2019 and I witnessed excessive amounts of black mould, smell of faeces and excrement from pets, partially completed staircase, partially sheeted walls, the house was about 70% complete and it had inhabitants residing which was very shocking to me. The owner filed a lawsuit of $1,000,000 in damages caused by the builder. This is where I was called in to provide an assessment and a professional estimate on what the cost to rectify should be. My findings were substantially less than what was being put forward.

Heritage building. The new works included new cool room, major joinery package, roof structure, concrete sub floor, tiling and timber finishes, high end kitchen, booth seating and major electrical, plumbing and mechanical works.


Although the budget was higher than the initial brief, there are discussions on bringing the costs down which we are suggesting alternate finishes which may slightly affect the design intent but allow the operator to trade..

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