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6 Predicted Trends For Commercial Design In 2020

Design trends are constantly fluctuating as time moves on. Ideas that once seemed like the pinnacle of aesthetics are now forgotten and buried away. There are always constants though over large periods – timeless designs and ideas that will always work and stay present. Now that we’ve entered into a new decade, we thought we’d […]

Fitouts: What Are They And How To Estimate For Them

Whenever a construction project has been completed – it must then be fitted out. Fitouts are essentially the process of dressing up the interior of a commercial space. You might be asking yourself – “why would I need an estimator in Melbourne to help me dress up an interior space?” Well, many commercial buildings require a […]

Top 5 Residential Design Trends Of 2019

With only a little over a month left in 2019, our Sydney estimating service team has decided to look back at some of the best home design tips and trends that we witnessed this year. From concrete interiors to mass-amounts of pot plants and greenery – the year has seen some pretty incredible interior designs. Today, […]

Why Do Builders Need Estimators?

Tackling a construction project – no matter the size – is a large-scale undertaking. There are a lot of components that work independently and then merge in the end. It’s not just the labour that goes into it though, it’s the planning, the meetings, the drafts and the cost estimating. A building estimating service is […]

Construction Disputes: Tribunal Or Supreme Court

As premium building cost consultants, we see commercial and residential disputes occur regularly. These disputes can range from a contractor not being paid for their work on a job, or the carried-out work not being what was agreed upon in the contract. If you feel you’ve fallen under the umbrella that requires legal action to […]

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